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Intercultural Training and Consulting for Medical Institutions

My Mission

I help medical institutions to successfully manage the integration of international nurses. In this way, the international nursing professionals can act as a real reinforcement which ensures a higher satisfaction of the entire nursing staff. 


Study on job satisfaction of Filipino nursing professionals in Germany

Recruiting, integrating and retaining international nursing professionals are essential components in dealing with the nursing shortage in Germany. This entire process poses massive challenges for both facilities and the professionals they recruit. A comprehensive study now published by business psychologist Grace Lugert-Jose shows low satisfaction and high levels of experiences of racism among Filipino nursing professionals working here.

The majority of Filipino nursing professionals working here would not recommend working in Germany to friends or colleagues. Almost two-thirds (64%) have experienced racism or other forms of discrimination. These are alarming figures. Nevertheless, satisfaction has already improved significantly compared to the previous year.

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I help you create a customized concept for your organization and help you implement it successfully. I will support you from the first conception to the evaluation and its further development.


I conduct intercultural trainings for foreign nursing staff and also for the local staff incl. management personnel. This ensures that everybody is equipped with the same level of information.


For the management personnel and mentors involved, I also offer coaching to accompany the integration project according to their individual needs. Coaching sessions can also be provided for the foreign nursing staff.


Consulting on Integration of International Nurses

Successful integration is not magic. There are now numerous successful examples of institutions in Germany that show that integration can be designed successfully and to the satisfaction of all involved.

I will advise you on how to create a tailor-made concept for your institution and how to implement it successfully. I will support you from the initial conception, through training and onboarding, to evaluation and further development. For the managers, integration managers and mentors involved, I also offer coaching to accompany the project.

I am able to advise you neutrally and exclusively in your interest. Even if some recruitment agencies offer you support with the integration concept, conflicts of interest can of course not be ruled out in these cases.

In my projects I also inform you which funding opportunities are currently available and which of them you could take advantage of as an institution.

Intercultural Training

(individually / in groups)

Due to the great cultural differences, intercultural trainings are of great importance for a successful integration of foreign nursing staff in Germany.

In my intercultural training, we work out the peculiarities and challenges that international nursing professionals encounter in the professional context in Germany. The increased understanding and acceptance for the new culture results in a more effective and smooth cooperation.

I pursue a very hands-on training approach with real-life case studies and exercises that reflect the working environment in nursing professions.
The goal is to promote a productive work environment, make teamwork more effective, and thus achieve greater job satisfaction.

My trainings usually take place in groups either online or on-site.

Intercultural Coaching

(individually / in groups)

We will be working specifically on your personal/group’s needs when dealing with e.g. the German culture or working with multicultural teams. I offer intercultural coaching online or on-site.


Intercultural Consulting for Medical Facilities

Intercultural Consulting

The increasing demand for foreign nursing staff poses special challenges for German medical facilities.

I support you with my intercultural knowledge and experience. Together, we develop solutions for your integration concept that can be realistically implemented in practice, of course also taking business interests of your organization into consideration. In this way, the acquired foreign personnel will also be retained in your organization in the long term.

„Best Places To Work for International Nurses in GERMANY“

-An Employer Seal for Successful Integration-
There are employers who successfully manage integration and offer good working conditions for international nursing professionals. I would like to identify these employers and make them known. To this end, I have created the „Best Places to Work for International Nurses in Germany“ seal.

What makes this award special is that international employees rate their current employer and decide who makes the list of best employers for international nursing professionals.

Die awarded German Facilities:

The following medical institutions have gone through the complete selection process and passed:

  • Universitätsmedizin Göttingen (UMG)
  • Caritas-Krankenhaus St. Josef Regensburg
  • Universitätsklinikum Tübingen (UKT)
  • Sana Klinikum Offenbach 
  • Universitätsklinikum Regensburg (UKR)
  • Kreiskrankenhaus Schrobenhausen GmbH
  • Helios Kliniken Schwerin
  • Stiftung Krankenhaus Bethanien Moers
  • Pflegeheim Agaplesion Bethanien-Höfe Hamburg

I completed my training as an intercultural trainer at IKUD. IKUD has been training intercultural trainers for 15 years.

I am an intercultural trainer certified by the German Association for Intercultural Training Quality dgikt e. V.

About me

I am specialized in accompanying integration processes in medical institutions and to lead them to success.

I was born in Laguna, Philippines and came to Germany with my family for more than 23 years. Therefore, I know what challenges people from other cultures can expect here in Germany.

After graduating in Business Psychology, I completed an advanced training as an Intercultural Trainer. Through my extensive professional experience in various industries and working in multicultural teams, I know what is really important in everyday work life.

With me, you get a practical minded person who seeks pragmatic solutions and can quickly establish a good level of communication to people.

Languages: English, Tagalog/Visaya, German & Spanish


How may I support you? I am here to help you.

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